Massachusetts Felony

A felony is a serious crime that is punishable by at least 2.5 years in state prison. While the precise punishment for a given felony will depend on the particular details of the crime, sentencing guidelines for felonies differ from state to state.

Given the complexity of the legal system and the potential for harsh, life-altering felony sentences, it's vital that anyone charged with a felony in Massachusetts hire a private Massachusetts criminal defense lawyer for the best possible defense.


Types of Felonies


Felony charges may be applied to:

 aggravated assault

  • arson
  • battery
  • burglary
  • drug possession or distribution
  • embezzlement
  • espionage
  • fraud
  • grand theft
  • murder
  • robbery
  • rape
  • tax evasion
  • treason

Depending on the jurisdiction in which the felony is charged, it may take a grand jury indictment in order to make felony charges official.


Felony Punishments


Depending on the nature of the felony, punishments can include:

  • community service
  • death
  • deportation (if the felon is not a U.S. citizen)
  • exclusion from getting certain licenses
  • exclusion from jury duty
  • loss of voting privileges
  • prison time (in a state facility, rather than in a local jail)
  • probation
  • prohibition from buying or owning firearms and ammunition
  • prohibition from engaging in certain types of work
  • public registration as an offender (i.e. a sex offender, a drug offender, etc.)


Felonies and Three Strikes Laws


"Three strikes" laws are state-enacted laws that dictate that a third felony conviction carries a 25-year-to-life sentence:


  • Without the possibility of parole
  • Regardless of whether human life was put at risk
  • Regardless of whether the crime would normally be considered a misdemeanor.

Not all states have "three strikes" laws. If you are facing criminal charges in Massachuesetts, it is important to meet with a Massachusetts criminal defense attorney who is familiar with the laws governing crimes committed in your status.


Hiring a Private Defense Lawyer for Felony Charges


Felony convictions carry severe sentences that can permanently affect a defendant's life. For the best possible defense, it's crucial that defendants hire private defense lawyers who:


  • Specialize in defending their particular type of felony
  • Have a track record of winning felony cases
  • Are connected to experts who can help verify a defendant's claim when testimony is needed in official legal proceedings
  • Have smaller case loads than public defenders and, therefore, can spend more time working on their case
  • Have insider knowledge of ways you can get your charges reduced, if not dropped altogether


Have you been charged with a felony?


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